Oil Changes

By following the oil change and fluid replacement schedules Ford recommends, you can avoid problems in the years ahead.

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Oil & Fluids Work Hard for Your Car

All of the fluids perform functions that your car really can’t live without. Engine oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid regulate the processes in your car, and manages everything from how much power your engine gets to how it’s cooling itself.

What are the Benefits of Oil & Fluid Changes?

When you use the right oil in your car, you lessen the amount of friction in your car which can help you save gas and avoid overheating. The coolant also helps to keep your engine at the perfect temperature, while the transmission fluid lubricates the shifting process at all times. Brakes that feel spongy may start to function like new again by simply replacing the brake fluid.

Always follow the schedule recommended for your car. The more you keep up with your maintenance, the less you’ll have expensive repairs later on down the road. Let Gary Yeomans Palm Bay Ford keep track of your timetable, so you don’t have to!

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