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Vehicle Maintenance

How many miles can my Ford reach before an oil change is necessary?
Gary Yeomans Ford Palm Bay is here to monitor your vehicle’s maintenance schedule so you can focus on living life. When your Ford’s scheduled maintenance is on the horizon, a Gary Yeomans Ford Palm Bay representative will reach out to you to coordinate an appointment. It is also possible to reference your owner’s manual for the exact service intervals for your specific model. If you no longer have access to your owner’s manual, contact our service center. A service adviser will tell you the exact mileage intervals for your vehicle’s oil changes.
When should my car battery be replaced?
Take a look at the battery’s warranty date. The letter you find stands for the month of the year. As an example, A stands for January while B stands for February etc. The number you find is the year. A battery with A18 stands for January of 2018. Change the battery before the listed date and you will greatly reduce the odds of being stranded with a dead battery. It is also possible to have your vehicle’s battery analyzed at our Service Center to find out if it is still holding its charge.
What should I do if my vehicle won’t start?
A dead battery, bad alternator or bad starter can prevent your vehicle from starting. Even a bad sensor or a busted or stretched-out timing belt can prevent the automobile from starting. If the starter is the issue, you will likely hear a clicking noise when the ignition is engaged. It is also possible for a dead battery to produce this symptom. If you have access to a voltmeter, check your vehicle’s battery. The battery should have a minimum of 12 volts when the vehicle’s engine is off. Check the voltmeter while a friend or family member turns the key. If the voltage does not dip below 10.50 volts, the issue is likely the starter. However, if other vehicle systems are not working properly, they might be contributing or even causing the situation.
What should I do if my vehicle’s Service Engine Soon light illuminates?
If this light or the Check Engine light illuminates, bring your automobile to our service center right away. The only way to identify the source of the problem is to use a code reader in your Ford’s diagnostic port.

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How often should I replace tires?
The answer to this question hinges on the frequency at which you drive, the areas you drive in and the type of tire on your Ford’s wheels. Tires typically wear faster when traversing rough surfaces like gravel. Tires built with soft rubber “highway” style tires tend to wear faster. Each tire has an estimated longevity for mileage. However, you should keep tabs on your tires’ wear and tear. Check the tires at least once per month to ensure they are at the proper pressure level and void of other imperfections. You should invest in new tires when the tread is nearly even with the wear bars.
MWhat sort of tires should I buy for my Ford?
Let a Gary Yeomans Ford Palm Bay service employee know the type of driving you do, whether you primarily drive on highways or city/suburban roads and if you drive on rough surfaces like gravel/off-road surfaces. Furthermore, let the service adviser know the amount of driving you do. These are all important factors in determining the best tire for your unique driving habits.
Should new tires be aligned after being put on the wheels?
It is advisable to have the alignment checked after adding new tires. If the vehicle’s tires endure uneven wear and tear, have the alignment performed right away.


When should my vehicle’s belts and hoses be replaced?
This time frame hinges on the quality of the hoses. If they are cracking or getting soft, they must be replaced. If the belts display signs of dry rotting, if the bottom side shines or if the tensioner can’t sustain tension on the belt, the belts should be changed.
Is there a meaningful distinction between generic and OEM parts?
OEM is an acronym that stands for original equipment manufacturer parts. These parts are exclusively made by the manufacturer (Ford). Such parts can be sold by Ford as well as third parties. Alternatively, Generic parts are made by a different manufacturer. Though the majority of generic parts will fit your Ford, they might not be of the same quality as OEM parts. Gary Yeomans Ford Palm Bay is proud to strictly use Ford OEM parts for every automobile that enters our facility.

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Over the past few years, technology has drastically increased in vehicles. For Ford and Lincoln vehicles, one of the new popular systems is called SYNC. The system is designed to help you connect to all of your favorite apps as well as your vehicle.
SYNC Features
With the SYNC system, Ford continues its pioneering role in automotive convenience and safety. Offering you full control of your vehicle with minimal effort or distraction, SYNC takes advantage of the latest advances in voice command technology. With it, you can:
  • Manage Music
  • SYNC integrates with smartphone playlists, playing the song you want to listen to as soon as you name it. You can also give the command “Bluetooth audio” to stream music and other audio content from your phone.
  • Activate Apps – With SYNC, you can stay fully connected to your favorite mobile apps without taking your eyes off the road. The system loads supported apps automatically, allowing you to check them with a simple voice command or by using the relevant buttons on your dashboard.
  • Call without Complications – SYNC lets you make calls with ease while on the road. It downloads the names and phone numbers from your phone, after which point you can send calls simply by pressing the phone button and naming the recipient.
  • Request Roadside Aid – If you are in a crash or other emergency, SYNC can dial 911 if you are not in a position to do so yourself.
In addition to standard SYNC, there is SYNC with MyFord Touch, which integrates the voice command features with a four-quadrant screen. There is also Sync 3, which provides Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, climate control, and other advanced features. For more information, contact Gary Yeomans Ford Palm Bay today.
Safety Component
SYNC is also there for you in case of an emergency. Part of the technology is 911 Assist at no additional charge. You connect your phone to SYNC and when you need it, 911 Assist can call for help for you even if you cannot do it on your own, like in the case of an accident where the airbags deploy.
The Lincoln Way™ App
You can stay completely connected to your vehicle using the Lincoln Way app. This makes life a lot easier for you because you can do things such as set up and pay for parking, lock and unlock your Lincoln from your app, request roadside assistance, and even gain access to your personalized customer service with the Lincoln Concierge. Additionally, when your vehicle needs service, you can schedule the service as well as pick-up and delivery from the app. 

Does Your Car Have a Safety Recall?

Recalls have been in the news a lot lately. We know you have questions about the effect of these recalls on the safety of you and your passengers. We can’t service every vehicle with an open recall, but we can alert you if your vehicle has one.

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