Brakes & Brake Pads

When you need to stop fast you need to know your brakes are going to do their job.

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Your brakes aren’t one of the fixes on your car you can put off.

If you can’t stop on a dime, you need to address the problem right away. If your brakes feel spongy or like they’re coming loose, it’s time to have them checked. If the car pulls to one side or the other when you brake or there’s grinding or screeching noises, that’s also a sign you need an assessment. It may be as easy as adding more brake fluid to your car, but you may also need a full replacement. Gary Yeomans Palm Bay Ford is happy to help you figure out the problem, and get it fixed quickly. Let us help you stay safe.

If you think you’re having trouble with your pads, brakes, or rotors, it’s time to give them to us at Gary Yeomans Palm Bay Ford. If you need additional information, let our friendly staff help you figure out the next steps.

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