Auto Battery Problems

Batteries are probably one of the most difficult things to keep up on especially if you forget. Having to jump start your car can set you back 15 minutes to hours depending on your situation. Don’t let your battery die on you unexpectedly, here are some sure signs that you may need to come in for a battery test:

  1. Excessive corrosion around the battery terminals or cables
  2. Bulging or deformity of the battery casing
  3. Difficulty starting your engine
  4. Consistent electrical system problems

If you decide to come in to Palm Bay Ford Quick Lane Center for a battery test, you can get a full vehicle check-up report to assist you in checking everything. Even if you check things yourself it’s always good to have a factory-trained technician to go in and see things you may have missed. Remember that we deal with hundreds of cars a day and can spot signs of common problems like these way before any damage or disruptions occur. So schedule an appointment today, and get your battery tested!