How to change a flat tire

Before you attempt to change your own flat tire, be sure to check your vehicle owner’s guide for information about your specific car or truck, such as where to find your vehicle’s spare tire and your jack kit. You should also be conscious of your surroundings: if you don’t feel safe where you are, don’t hesitate to call the local police for assistance. Your safety should be your highest priority!

  1. To begin, take out your spare tire and your jack kit from the car. Assess the inflation level of your spare tire – if your tire pressure seems too low, find a place to inflate your spare, or call a tow truck for assistance.
  2. You should have a tire iron in your jack kit which you can use to remove the lug nuts on your flat tire. Loosen the lug nuts, but don’t take them off yet. If you find that you have to use a lot of force to loosen the lug nuts, be sure you’re not trying to loosen them while your car is already jacked up.
  3. Make sure you block your car’s other tires so it doesn’t roll while you replace your flat tire.
  4. Use your jack to raise the corner of your car with the flat tire high enough that you can easily put the spare on — don’t raise the car any higher than this if you don’t have to.
  5. Once the car is raised, remove the lug nuts from your flat tire and pull the tire off.
  6. Put your spare tire on the car.
  7. Replace the lug nuts without tightening them yet.
  8. Lower your car again by carefully turning the jack in reverse.
  9. Gradually tighten the lug nuts: after a few turns for one, rotate the tire clockwise to the next lug nut, repeating this process until each lug nut is secure and tight on the tire.
  10. Once you’re finished, stop by your local Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center for a replacement tire as soon as possible. If you must travel by highway, drive under 55 mph and use your hazard lights to let other drivers know. Spare tires are not usually designed to withstand high speeds for a long time, so get your car to a tire center soon!

If you have any further concerns about tires, be sure to swing by Palm Bay Ford’s Quicklane Center and we’ll be glad to help!