Fuel Saving Tips

Looking to get better mileage? Know that when you get your car serviced regularly you’re actually extending the life of your vehicle. Neglect can increase the wear and tear on your engine preventing it from working as efficient as it was when you first bought it. Here are a few of the key services our factory-trained technicians can perform in order to boost your fuel economy and help maintain it.

  1. Keep your tires at the proper pressure. If your tires are low or too high, chances are you could be robbing yourself of a few miles per gallon. Ask your technician what your tires should be inflated at, keep a pressure gauge and try to check them regularly, like every time you fill up for gas.
  2. Use the recommended grade of motor oil. We offer a fuel line-up of high quality oil and filter products from Motorcraft®. Using the proper filter and oil ensures your engine runs smooth, increasing your fuel efficiency up to 2%.
  3. Get an engine tune-up. Making sure your car’s parts are running properly also ensure you have the best mileage you can get. Over time, certain parts on your engine need to be replaced. Call us and we’ll let you know what you should be looking to get done.

Maintenance on your vehicle is only one part of getting better fuel economy. There are also other things that effect it that you should be aware of.

  1. Don’t drive so aggressive. Having a heavy foot can be costly. Even if you’re just rapidly changing speeds. Every time you speed to stop you’re wasting energy and fuel. Also try to drive at a steady pace. Some people have a tendency of speeding up and slowing down, keep the pedal in one position. Take it easy and you’ll be well on your way to saving more gas. It’s also safer. So lay off that pedal!
  2. Don’t weigh your car down. Extra weight means more power required to move your vehicle. So if you still have your gym set, a weeks change of clothes, your bowling ball and a computer monitor in your trunk – it might be time to take them out. Keep only what you need and you’ll burn less gas.
  3. Cruise control. If you have a hard time keeping that pedal still on the highway, cruise control is probably your next best option. Keeping your car at the same pace is the most fuel-efficient thing you can do while heading to your next destination over the highway.
  4. Don’t idle for too long. You might think since your car is staying still you’re not burning much fuel right? Wrong! Your car burns fuel to stay on, and guess how many miles you get to the gallon idling? None! Turn it off and conserve fuel!
  5. Combine your trips. Your engine uses fuel more efficiently when it’s warmed up.

If your vehicle is in need of maintenance or repair, schedule an appointment with the service department at Palm Bay Ford Quick Lane Center!