Bad Struts & Shocks – Bouncing, Leaks & Noise

Without shocks or struts, you would feel every single jolt and bump your car hits. It would be incredibly uncomfortable. Thankfully we have them and when in working condition – we forget they are even there. That’s a good thing and a bad thing – good because we shouldn’t always have to think about them, bad because everything doesn’t last forever. Keeping an eye on the way your car drives can you notice when you may need to have your suspension worked on. Here are a few signs you should get them looked at:

  1. Excessive bouncing. When you hit a bump and your car continues to bounce far far from where the bump was – your struts are likely going bad and will need to be replaced.
  2. Loss of tire contact with the road. Your tires should not be lifting or moving up while you’re driving, especially while you’re turning.
  3. Excessive or uneven tire wear. This most likely suggest you need to come in for an alignment, however if you have recently hit anything, a bent suspension component could be the culprit and no alignment can help this.
  4. A decrease in your handling or braking ability.
  5. Vibration or noise
  6. Fluid leaks from your shocks
  7. Dents, holes, or damage to any of your suspension components.

If you need help repairing your struts & shocks, stop by Palm Bay Ford Quick Lane Center for expert service and advice about how to keep your car in the best condition possible! Be sure to also take advantage of our service specials so you can save money the next time your car needs a little tender loving care!